Frequently asked questions

Why do we work as a team?


Well, we like to say that with our powers combined, we’re basically Captain Planet. 


We were all acquaintances just from being part of Rochester’s fairly small circle of birth workers, but we got to work closer together and get to know each other better when we all began teaching childbirth classes at a local hospital. That experience led us to recognize that our ethics around birth were closely aligned and we started to back each other up on our births as doulas. Eventually we realized that we each were weary because birth support is beautiful, draining work and we love it deeply but it’s hard on our families. So Kara and Sam teamed up on a rotation schedule, a little bit like what the doctors at the hospital do. And a year later Sarah joined in. 


We always tell people now that we’re not sure how each of us ever did this alone. We each bring our own super powers to the table. Sarah is a naturally intuitive person and she can take in all the details of any environment. Kara is a massage genius and the most calming presence you’ll ever encounter. Sam can validate any feeling but also break the tension with humor when necessary. The benefit of that for our clients is that they get the skills of three people combined. The benefit of that for us, is that we get to draw on one another at any time. We also genuinely love and support each other as humans, not just as business partners. 


Is it too cheesy to say it? It has to be said. 


The power is yours!

Why would someone use a doula?

The link below outlines the incredible link between continuous labor support and obstetrical outcomes. In short, women who felt emotionally supported and respected during their labor had better physical outcomes.



I don’t want anyone to take the place of my partner. How does that work?

It is never our intention to replace your partner, who should always be your main support person. We consider ourselves part of your labor support team. That team includes your partner, your doula, whomever else you choose to have present (mom, friend, etc.), and your medical staff. We like to say that your partner speaks the language of YOU, and we speak the language of BIRTH. Those two elements put together really create the best support system with all areas of translation covered. And partners need doulas too. Sometimes we end up being more necessary support for the partner instead of the birthing mama.


Which hospitals do you attend for births?

We will go to any hospital in the Rochester area where you’re planning to have your baby. As doulas, we are not employees of that specific hospital; we are there to “work” for you.


Do you do homebirths?




When do we call you?

Call us ANY time, we are always available. We live with our phones extremely loud and incredibly close. We usually like to join you somewhere around the time you enter into active labor. 


How is a doula different than a midwife?

A midwife provides medical care. Doulas don’t do anything medical. We are part of your team as emotional, physical, and informational support.


Do you subscribe to a certain birth philosophy?

We do not. Although there are many well-researched and anecdotally valid labor methods (Bradley, Hypnobirthing, etc.), we do not adhere to one or the other of them. We believe they each have useful and helpful elements and that each of those elements can be appropriate for different clients in different situations.


Why did you become a doula?

We each have our own stories of the avenues we took to becoming doulas. Ask us about them! We love to talk about it But ultimately, we’re each here because we feel passionate about supporting women. We believe that the world moves forward when people recognize the inherent strength of women. We’re not here to empower you; we simply recognize that you are powerful.


Do you have an opinion on pain medication during labor? Does it make sense for me to have a doula if my birth preferences include pain meds?

This is a great question to talk about in an interview or prenatal meeting because it’s layered. But the simplest answers are no and yes, respectively.


What if you have other clients due around the same time as my due date?

The longer we do this, the more we come to terms with the realization that due dates mean nothing. And this is part of the reason we work in a partnership. If two births happen to overlap, someone is always available to support you.


How would you describe your doula style?

We consider ourselves gap-fillers. We like to see what’s organically happening with your body, as well as what’s happening between you and your partner, and then we fill in the gaps as needed. Again, we’re not there to take the place of your medical staff or your partner, we’re there to work alongside both to help you have the most positive birth experience as possible, however you define that.